Diphu Government College

Affiliated to Assam University, Silchar.

Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

The Motto of the college, “Ano Bhadrah Kratavyo Yantu Vishwatah” is a Sanskrit verse taken from the Rig Veda. The meaning of the verse is “Let noble thoughts come to us from every side”. ”. By disseminating knowledge to the populace of these hill districts, the institution seeks to ensure the prosperity of the inhabitants in all aspects of life. The objective of the institution is to provide students with a holistic comprehensive education. Additionally, the institutional goal is to transform Diphu Govt. College into a multidisciplinary establishment by the year 2030. This institution can significantly contribute to the promotion and preservation of tribal language and culture. Due to the high biodiversity in these two highland districts, the institution possesses the potential to investigate environmental prospects and promote environmental consciousness. Patronization of sports among the students will yield good results. Opportunities need be provided for promotion of digital leaning and technology based education among the students of the institution. Imparting skill development programmes, entrepreneurship and self employability are to be prioritized. All round improvement of the students through quality learning and institutional excellence is the commitment of the institution.

Our Vision

The vision of Diphu Government College is to cater the academic, intellectual, social and cultural requirements of the district's populace at large, with a specific focus on its student body. The institution has established the following goals: to provide students with a holistic education that enables them to effectively meet global demands; to encourage the rational application of scientific concepts, promotion of scientific thought and technological innovation both within and beyond the institution. This, in fact, helps the students to shape and fulfill their dreams and aspirations and to contribute significantly in the society and community. It is indeed a significant impetus of the institution to train the students to face the emerging challenges arising out of liberalization, privatization and globalization. The college is accountable to its various stake holders such as students, guardians, alumni, the parent university, and most importantly the society at large.